Release Notes 12/21/2016 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, December 21, 2016:


[NEW] Business Report S103 - Project profit and loss: New filter options
When creating the profit and loss report no S103, you can now choose by which date the projects shall be selected: Date of creation, date of reception, start date or completion date.


[NEW] New business report - Print profit and loss grouped by document, task and languages
This new report "S105" combines, per filtered project, client and supplier cost details from the respective invoices and aligns supplier and client amounts by document, task and language combination. Therefore, it displays benefits individually per document translated.


[NEW] Order Id field (manual & autoassigned) added to Orders
Today clients have a field where they can fill in their own order reference (“Order reference”). This new feature adds a new field "Order Id" which is either auto-assigned or supplied by the project manager.


[NEW] Supplier Groups Management page: New link added to send an email message to all group members
Supplier groups are created under Suppliers > Supplier Groups.
Wordbee now allows to assign a job to all group members qualified for the job task and languages. In this page a new link is added to send out an email to all members of the group. This is useful if you want to provide an entire group with important information.


[FIX] Fix regarding Quick view totals exporting suppliers' name
When exporting "Quick view totals", the suppliers' names were encoded.
This correction now exports the value decoded.


[FIX] Special characters bad formated in domain list
In the project details, the special characters in domain list were encoded : "Domaine & domain".

The correction permits to show the good value : "Domaine & domain"


[FIX] Word count "No match" column may show a negative value -1 in rare case.
When creating a job that is restricted to 1 or 2 paragraphs of a larger document, it may appear that the word count "No match" column shows the negative value "-1". This has now been corrected and it was due to a rounding error.


[FIX] Fixed problem with customized invoice templates localized for "uncommon" languages
When creating a template specific for an uncommon language ex. "Abkhazian" the invoice creation (Excel or PDF) failed. This problem has now been fixed. Typically, you create templates for a language if the invoice's content is localized for that language: From header, titles and so on. The actual source/target languages of projects or jobs is not relevant.


[FIX] Fix of "First row" option in CSV using a multilingual filter
The option "First row" did not work when configuring multilingual CSV files. This has now been fixed.


[FIX] Fix of API call projects/{project id)/tasks: Paging not working
The &from parameter in the API call was not working correctly. It has now been fixed.


[FIX] Csv export configuration, contain column configuration in double
Export of csv configuration contains double columns configuration, causing display problem when uploading to create a new configuration.
This has now been corrected.


[FIX] Correction regarding Powerpoint slide numbering
Slide numbering was falsely starting at 0. This has been corrected and now starts at 1.


[FIX] Change regarding AggPeriod (aggregation period) placeholder format in the invoice template.
AggPeriodFrom and AggPeriodTo placeholders were inserted as a text in the invoice template and did not use the excel cell date format.
This has now been corrected; those data will be insert as dates and will now use the format defined in the Excel cell


[FIX] Data-import allows language code * for "any language"
In data import, it is now allowed to use the value " * " for language code in the Price List in order to define a price for "any language"


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