Release Notes 12/1/2016 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, December 1, 2016:


[NEW] Update API for Person to Include CustomFields
GlobalizationCulture, GlobalizationUICulture and all Custom fields in APIPersons view have now been added.
Please update Main.dbl to include the updated view


[NEW] Custom Fields for Person object
Wordbee has been extended to allow the use of custom fields for personal details throughout the application.


[NEW] New placeholders added for project reference in the order configuration
The project creation in the new order configuration accepts new placeholders like allocated automatically reference for project.

The new placeholders are:

* {globalid}: an incremental number starting with 1, independent of the year
* {year}: is replaced by the current year
* {year2}: is replaced by the current year (two digits)
* {yearid}: an incremental number starting with 1 at the beginning of each year
* {month}: is replaced by the current month
* {day} : is replaced by the current day


[NEW] New powerful filter options when creating business reports
The business reports "Client and supplier costs - Details (S100)", "Client Orders (S300)" and "Jobs - Counts & Costs (S410)" are now getting new date filtering options and you can choose the exact date to be filtered. For example, you can sort and report on orders by completion date versus creation date.


[IMPROVE] Business Report S410 (Jobs Counts & Cost) can now include custom fields
You can now add any of your project and job custom fields as columns in the "Jobs Counts & Cost" business report (S410). You simply need to amend the Excel report template and add your fields. Find more information at the online documentation under "business report customization".


[IMPROVE] WebHook languages placeholder are now using the language code
WebHook placeholder for languages (JobSourceLanguage and JobTargetLanguage) have now been replaced by the language code.


[FIX] Additional parameters have been added to invoice creation
Invoice creation process can now recognize the end client.


[FIX] Excel export feature to standard jobs editor
The new excel export feature has been added to the standard job editor.


[FIX] Fix : delete leading space before quoteNo placeholder in the invoice
During invoice creation, the additional space in the QuoteNo placeholder that caused alignment problems in the invoices generated will be deleted.


[FIX] Fix regarding the invoices at the job detail page.
A minor problem has been fixed regarding the invoices at the job detail page. When an internal user had a client restriction, using the client access feature, the invoice could not be found in the job detail page, and the button to see the invoice lead to a crashing page. This has now been fixed.


[FIX] Saving segments before preview document
When users downloaded the document preview without its segments saved, they were receiving the message "This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved".

This has now been fixed and when users click on "download preview" segments are saved before generating the document.


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