Release Notes 1/11/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, January 11, 2017:


[NEW] API: Method "codytdocument2" proposes new option to specify workflow template.
The API method "projects/{projectid}/documents/codytdocument2" is used to mark a document for translation and create workflows. Now it has a new optional parameter "workflowname". With it you can explicitly specify the name of a workflow template. If not specified, the method uses the workflow template configured in the project as before.
See updated chapter 7.5.3 in the API documentation:


[NEW] Business report S105: New date filter option
The "Project profit and loss - By service" report now proposes a new date filter when you create the report. Now you can select all projects that have at least one client invoice where the invoice date is within the selected date range.


[NEW] Two new business reports to analyse profit and loss by language and client
We added the new reports S107 and S108. They present the same financial data but present them differently: S107 renders a classic Excel table and S108 renders a set of charts, graphs and pivot tables. Both give answers to these questions: How much money did I earn per project, per client, per source language or per target language. Using the wide range of filters, drill down to understand where profit is below or above expectations.
All reports can be freely customized in terms of content and design. See how this works at:


[NEW] New dynamic supplier groups which select services and suppliers by filter criteria
Supplier groups are a convenient means to rapidly assign qualified suppliers or create job openings.
With the existing "static" groups you explicitly select and add services of suppliers when creating a group.
Now with the new "dynamic" groups you specify filters. Suppliers matching the filters are then automatically members of the group. Filters can be on custom fields, labels, translation domains, price codes, ratings and other criteria. Both static and dynamic groups have their respective use cases. Once again, with Wordbee you are at the forefront of process automation.


[NEW] New languages added - Russian (Kazakhstan), Japanese (United States)
New languages have been added. Wordbee now supports Russian (Kazakhstan) and Japanese (United States). The respective codes for these new languages are ru-KZ, ja-US.


[IMPROVE] Tooltip showing list of all project documents now includes the total words and characters with each document
This feature will give project managers additional information at a glance. Currently the project dashboard lets you display a list of all project documents together with the respective number of segments. This information is shown in a tooltip. This improvement adds words per document, characters per document as well as a grand total of segments, characters and words.


[FIX] Fix related to XLIFF min/max length limits not read out.
When enabling the option to read <mrk> segmentation boundaries from an XLIFF file, the system no longer read XLIFF min/max length limits from the file. This problem has been fixed.


[FIX] Fix regarding wrong fonts display in Word documents translated to Thai.
Word documents translated to Thai did not have the correct fonts even if Asian fonts where specified in the configuration. This has been fixed and now fonts defined in the Word configuration (for Asian language) are applied to the generated Word document and Thai language is displayed correctly.

Word document translated to Thai doesn't have the correct font (even if asian font specify in the configuratin)


[FIX] Fix regarding top menu display in German and French
The top menu was not properly displayed in German and French. This has now been fixed.


[FIX] Fix regarding Business Reports #105 and #106: In rare cases the report failed to build.
A glitch with reports #105 and #106 prevented them from being created in some cases. This problem has now been fixed. The most recently added business report, presents project profit and loss per document, task and language. To access the business reports hover over "My company" and click "Reports".


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