Release Notes 1/13/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Friday, January 13, 2017:


[NEW] New links to view the original document format configuration used to process a file
Whenever you mark a document for translation you choose a "file format configuration" that specifies which and how text shall be extracted and segmented. You manage your file formats under the "Settings" link.
We added links that allow you to view, per each file, the exact configuration that was used at the time.
With Codyt: Right click a file in the documents window and select "Manage document". In this popup you will find the new "Format configuration" link.
With Standard: Go to the "Work & Delivery" page of the project and click the name of a document. In the tooltip you find the "Format configuration" link.


[NEW] New custom field type "Checkbox"
Custom fields can be added for projects, jobs, invoices and so on from the "Settings" > "Custom fields" page. You can now create a new field type, namely checkboxes. These can either be ticked or unticked. This adds to the existing types text fields, pick lists, URLs and images.


[NEW] New access right to enable/disable workers to see "Inactive" jobs
Inactive jobs are jobs which are created but not yet to be worked on. A project manager can already assign such jobs so that suppliers can pick them up or prepare for the upcoming work. Some customers prefer that workers cannot see/access any inactive jobs even if they are assigned or job proposal exists. The new access right permits hiding such jobs for specific user profiles.


[NEW] Settings page to configure enabled languages now indicates additional information including RTL
You can view all languages enabled in your platform under "Settings" - "Languages". In addition to language name and code we now show indicators in the last column of the list:
(1) if a language is written from right to left (Arabic, Hebrew..)
(2) if a language does not use spaces to separate words (Japanese, Chinese...)
The first flag is for example used by the translation editor to correctly render text. The second flag is used in conjunction with the generic text filter option to remove spaces in between segments when reconstructing a document in a language such as Japanese. You can read more about this in the respective text filter configuration under the "Segments" block (feature will be released only after the present one!).


[IMPROVE] Page selector for error list in Data Import feature
A page selector has been added to the data import feature, you can now choose to display 100, 200, 500 or 1000 items per page.


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