Release Notes 1/26/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, January 26, 2017:

[FIX] Search on 'Pick list, multiple choice' fields
When the user search in a custom field "Pick list", the result of search compute all criteria.

[FIX] Pick list, multiple choice isn't working in Persons Custom Field Forms
The custom field "Pick list, multiple choice" isn't working in the person forms.

[FIX] Wrong suppliers while assigning a job, using the allow assigning jobs to users without login feature
If "allow assigning jobs to users without login" is set to no, there is a case where the suppliers are not the ones expected, leading to a crash in the job assignment.

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    Mohamed Hassan

    Re. the person custom field, is it possible to add a "Date" as one of the custom field types?

    This goes for company and person custom fields, it is very important to record when a company and a person were created in the system.


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    Stephan Böhmig

    Hi Mohamed, 

    We do not support date custom fields. You could of course paste the date as a text into a text custom field.

    We have plans to add the person/company creation and modification dates to the system natively. A planning is not yet set for this. I would kindly invite you to submit a feature suggestion in this site for future reference :-)

    Kind regards, Stephan

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