Release Notes 1/31/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, January 31, 2017:


[NEW] Supplier selector popup: Timeline now flags the supplier specific weekend days in gray color.
When assigning a supplier manually, the popup lists all suppliers. You can expand each supplier to view price details, off days and a timeline with all currently open jobs. In the framework of the new planning tools, this timeline was reworked and correctly highlights the off-days and (country specific) weekend days of the specific supplier.


[NEW] New "Planning" section in company and person records: Specify work times, weekend days, holidays
A new "Planning" tab was added to the company, person and My Account pages. Here you can view and edit work times, weekend days, non worked days. In addition the pages show a timeline with all currently open jobs.
The information can be edited as per access rights, by internal managers for all companies and users. By external managers for external staff. Each user can edit his/her own work details.
This new feature also presets weekend days as a function of the user's country. For example, weekends are preset to Friday and Saturday where applicable.


[NEW] Word/Excel/Powerpoint filters: New option to only extract text in selected colors for translation.
Office filters always allowed excluding certain colors from translation (to cope with scenarios like "Translate all but the red colored texts). Now we added the opposite option: Translate only specific colored text! This allows for use cases like "Translate only the green and blue texts".


[NEW] Project and Job Status Synchronization
Three options have been added that allow:
1. Setting a project's status to 'In progress', the first 'Inactive' job's status in each workflow, is set to 'Not started'
2. Setting a project's status to 'Cancelled' all 'Not started', 'In progress', Inactive' and 'Not assigned' jobs' statuses are set to 'Cancelled'
3. Setting a project's status to 'Completed' is not allowed if there are jobs that are still open. A warning message is displayed instead.
All three options can be found under Settings -> Work processes -> Projects


[IMPROVE] Library upload is now increased to 1 Gib
The upload limit of the upload systems available in the library is now increased to 1 Gib.


[FIX] Fix new word export in standard job editor (Now the link for export appears)
The link to export segments with "new word export" was missing in standard job editor.

This has been corrected.


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