Release Notes 2/10/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Friday, February 10, 2017:

[NEW] Add more languages to Google MT
Google MT accept only two chinese locales variante : zh-CN and zh-TW.
Wordbee match differents locales for Google MT like:
- zh-CHS: zh
- zh-CN: zh
- zh-SG: zh
- zh-Hans: zh
- zh-CHT: zh-TW
- zh-Hant: zh-TW
- zh-HK: zh-TW
- zh-MO: zh-TW

[NEW] Correct disk usage is now visible
The storage usage counter in the "License & Usage" tab is now refreshed regulary

[FIX] Report S108 (Languages - Profit and Loss Analysis): First pivot table wrongly showed client cost in original currency
The client cost shown in the first report sheet (Overview) showed the client cost in the original currency instead of the cost converted to the platform's default currency. This has been fixed.

[FIX] API - Authorize the configuration source "all languages" for "Client portal" during call api
When the "order form" configuration is set with all language the API accept now really all languages.

[FIX] Fix New order form : Impossible send file without content
The system accept now file without parsable content.

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