Release Notes 2/15/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, February 15, 2017:

[NEW] New business rule to adjust automatically calculated deadlines to My Company work days and times
A new option was added to "Settings" - "Work processes". The rule adjusts deadlines estimated from the supplier selector popup to always match your work days and times. For example, if the deadline for a US translator is calculated as 11pm CET but you are located in Paris, then the deadline is extended to 9am CET (if 9am is configured as your work day start).

[NEW] Supplier selector poup: New feature to instantly estimate work delays and cost
Assigning suppliers or supplier groups to jobs is done in Wordbee with the "Supplier selection" popup. This popup now integrates automatic delay and cost calculations:
* A new button with each supplier to estimate work delay and cost.
* Group can be expanded to show all suppliers and to estimate delays/cost.
* Estimation considers word count, supplier capacity, supplier work times and days as defined in the "Planning" pages (calendar).
* Delays are shortened with pretranslations or fuzzy matches

[IMPROVE] Preserve terms highlighted when specific term is selected
In th editor, the terms found in the translation memory are highlighted.
When you select a specific term in the source text, the others terms are preserver highlighted.

[IMPROVE] Global search - Remove representative characters for white spaces
The results of global search hide representative characters for white spaces.

[FIX] FIX : Enable HTML embedded in XML itself embedded in JSON
Now the a JSON configuration may embed XML which itself embeds HTML content.

[FIX] Default Custom Report S17 taking Job's creation date rather than completion date
The report is filtering by the job's creation date, rather than the completion date. Results aren't correct.

[FIX] Message popup security review
In few cases the users cannot open the message popup because the security level has been to high.

[FIX] Custom Tags not working in Excel and Word new import feature
Custom tags aren't recognized in the import for Excel and Word documents. The tags need to match the segment's tag, we cannot add a custom tag in the imported document.

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