Release Notes 3/9/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, March 9, 2017:

[NEW] New feature to define backup suppliers and services
What do you do if your preferred supplier is not available? You will choose an alternative, right? It is now possible in Wordbee to configure all your preferred backups individually per supplier and service. The backups are instantly accessible from the supplier selection screen.
* Defining backups: This is done from the price list. Edit a service and you will find a new "Backup" option.
* Choosing backups: Suppliers that have a backup are indicated with a "twin" icon. Click the icon to view backup details.

[NEW] Reports #103, #105 and #400: New placeholders for cost amounts before discounts
The new placeholders can be used in your report templates:
* Report S103 - Project profit and loss: New placeholders "ClientAmountExVATBase" and "SupplierAmountExVATBase"
* Report S105 - Project profit and loss - By service: New placeholders "CostExVATBase" and "CostExVATBaseConv"
* Report S400 - Project Jobs and Documents: New placeholders "CostExVATBase" and "CostExVATBaseConv"
See for more details.

[NEW] Order form: New mechanism to assign job deadlines upon order submission
Automatically creating jobs when a client submits an order is an optional feature in the client portal. The system estimates and assigns deadlines to jobs. The way how this is done has been brought in line with other deadline estimation changes launched recently:
* If a client submits a large number of documents, the work is now spread out over time. Before, the system assumed that you have unlimited translators all working in parallel.
* With Codyt, the deadline estimation now takes into consideration that pretranslations or fuzzy matches require less work and thus shorter deadlines.
* The calculation uses the capacity details saved with the workflow definition (you specify in the order form configuration) as well as the work week details of the platform company ("My Company").

[NEW] New order form options to ensure that desired client delivery date aligns with estimated work time
The desired delivery date of the client may be too long, or too short given the required work time estimated by the system. Such scenarios can now be catered for automatically.
New options "Amend client deadline" and "Amend job deadlines" were added to the order form configuration. The former extends the client deadline if it cannot be possibly met given the work load. The latter attempts to shorten or widen estimated job deadlines so as to bring them in line with the desired client deliver date.

[NEW] Supplier work week now allows to specify 24/24 work times
In the supplier's planning page you can now specify 24/24 work times. This is useful if you or a supplier provide round the clock services. The work time settings are leveraged by the deadline estimation tools.

[IMPROVE] Price lists inheriting from default price list: Now possible to increase prices (and not just decrease them)
When creating a client or supplier price list you can choose to "inherit" all services from the default client or supplier prices. In the past you could apply a reduction on all prices. It is now also possible to increase the default prices. This is done by adding a "negative" discount value. -50% would mean that prices are 50% higher than the default prices.

[IMPROVE] User API: GZip files are now supported
It is now possible to use GZip decompression when submitting a new request using the "compress" param.

[FIX] Business rule to prevent assignment of suppliers without login did not work in all cases
The business rule in "Settings" > "Work processes" permits to prohibit assigning jobs to suppliers without an active login. Changing the rule did not have immediate effect but typically became active only after a longer period of time. This has been fixed.

[FIX] Fix : When client's list is being printed the billing Zip column contains the billing City.
When client's list is being printed the billing Zip column contains the billing City.

[FIX] Service details / Capacity (speed) cannot be unset during editing
When editing a service where capacity is set, it is not possible to unset it

[FIX] Fix : When post-editing (after instant translation) of plain or copy/paste text, the editor was empty.
Fix : When post-editing (after instant translation) plain or copy/paste text, the editor was empty. This has been fixed.

[FIX] Custom fields filtering are now working properly in supplier selector form
Filtering with custom fields in supplier selector was causing the form to not work. This is now fixed.

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