Release Notes 3/16/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, March 16, 2017:

[NEW] Fully automated delivery cycle and memory consolidation
Wordbee simplifies delivery of projects to reduce project manager's workload and automate the final steps:
- Each time the workflow of a file for a specific language is completed, the deliverable will be created and released to the client order accompanied by an email notification.
- Each time the workflow of a file for a specific language is completed, the translations are consolidated to the master memory of the project (configurable in Project settings -> Resources).
- Each time all workflows of a project are completed the project status is set to 'Finished'
- Each time a project is finished the related order status is set to 'Work done'

All the above features can be enabled or disabled on a per project/template basis.

[NEW] New improved API call for managing supplier and client price list services.
The new API companies/pricelists/v2/services is a more powerful option to the existing method companies/{companyid}/pricelists/{pricelistid}/services
It lets you retrieve, add, edit and insert price list services in a more convenient JSON format. It supports managing all service properties including discount details, backup services as well as inherited services. The method will be documented online soon.

[IMPROVE] User API: GZip files are now supported (improvement)
It is now possible to use GZip decompression when retrieving a request using the "compress" param.

[IMPROVE] API methods to create and update companies and users now supports the setting of labels
The following methods, now let you set the "labels" property to set labels:
companies?token={tokenid}&data={data} (PUT/POST)
companies/{companyid}/persons?token={tokenid}&data={data} (PUT/POST)
The new optional "Labels" property is a JSON array with label "id" and numeric label "value". Please see the online documentation for more details.

[IMPROVE] Disable the task selector for a Standard Job after a supplier has been assigned
With this improvement it is no longer possible to change the task category (e.g. from Translation to Revision) for a Standard job after it has been assigned to a specific supplier. This extension avoids unintentional assignment to a not qualified vendor.

[IMPROVE] API method to get/insert/update price list services now supports additional fields
The API method: companies/{companyid}/pricelists/{pricelistid}/services/ (PUT and POST) now support the complete set of service fields including "DiscountMode_", custom discount details "Discount..." as well as "Disabled".
NOTE: With the previous release we added a new v2 version for managing services. We recommend adopting the new version instead of the present one.

[IMPROVE] The indicator of comments keep the access rights
When a user is not authorized to view comments in every language, the comment indicator (bubble) will remain inactive based on the defined access rights.

[FIX] Order form deadline configuration conserve company timezone configuration
If the browser and the company timezone was different, the visual deadline loaded was bad formatted.

Now the company timezone configuration are conserved.

[FIX] Comments of document take the access rights configuration
Users will be able to view document's comments only in the designated languages as defined in the access rights configuration.

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