Enabling & Disabling Discounts per Service

Wordbee Translator has always allowed users to define different pricelists and discount profiles for different clients and suppliers.


Separate discount profiles can now be defined on the service level. Below are a few scenarios how you can benefit from this feature and manage your projects more profitably:

Enable or Disable Applying Discounts for Different Services

- When you require a review service from a supplier, you have the option to define a discount profile based on match types (e.g. no payment for 100% matches) or disable discounts for this type of service and pay in full for a given task (regardless of matches).


Adopt Absolute Values with Custom Discounts

- If your business prefers defining absolute values (certain rates for certain match types), custom discounts allow you to adopt Wordbee Translator to your requirements. After defining a service type under a supplier's pricelist, you can go to the Custom Discounts segment and set absolute values as per pre-translation and match types.


Enable or Disable a Service

Imagine that you receive complaints about a supplier's services. You need to retain the information in the system that this supplier can undertake this service, and for quoting/invocing/reporting purposes you are unable to delete this information. Yet, you do not want to see this supplier suggested in other projects (albeit only temporarily, until the issue is solved) where language combination and service type overlap. By disabling this service from a supplier's pricelist, you both save time and do not risk recurring issues in your day-to-day management.


Wordbee Translator is here to offer you the flexibility to adapt our system to your tailor-made requirements.


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