Defining Backup Suppliers and Services

Project managers assign jobs to suppliers, but exceptions do happen. If your supplier misses the deadline or declines the job, you need to re-find the right fit for your project. And Wordbee devised a new way to faster deal with such quests!

Wordbee Translator's new feature allows PMs to define backup suppliers for any given person and service. First, you need to spot your main person, your favourite, or your best choice. This is defined under a Supplier's price profile.


The above supplier provides you great revision services, but it is a wonderful idea to define who the second best person is. Defining a back-up person, managers can help their colleagues to find the right person if an exception occurs in your day-to-day business. Select a service from the Supplier's profile and add this very practical data to your system (the service should of course be enabled on the upper right hand side).


Suppliers who fit to the selected service type and the language combination are automatically listed here. If you are trying to define a backup supplier for a reviser, the list of backup suppliers you will see here belongs to the same language combination and the same service type.


Creating a new job for a new project, PMs simply select their suppliers and supplier groups as usual.


Wordbee now displays which suppliers has pre-defined backup persons. The twin icon on the Supplier Finder popup shows exactly this. Clicking on the twin icon, PMs can display pre-defined backup suppliers on the line below.


Now, if you receive a notification that your selected supplier is unable to perform the job for some reason (delay or decline), the Change Supplier button is there to show you who the backup supplier is.


This new feature not only saves you a few more clicks to go through your supplier list, but reminds you the right fit for your project at hand.


Assign your backup supplier to your project, and enjoy managing your projects on Wordbee Translator.


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