Release Notes 4/18/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, April 18, 2017:

[NEW] Person and company pages now let you add notes and annotation.
A new feature is available where users can add notes on companies and people.

[IMPROVE] Services of inherited price list: Absolute discount value amounts are now adjusted like the unitary amount
Wordbee allows to create supplier price lists that inherit services from the default price list. You can specify a positive or negative percentage on prices and also set a different currency and conversion rate. The unitary amounts in the new price list are adjusted accordingly. The present development now also adjust any absolute discounts that are defined in a service (remember that discounts for fuzzy matches and pre-translations can be either specified as percentages in a price list or in absolute amounts individually by service).

[IMPROVE] API methods to get companies and users information now supports the labels
The following methods, now let you see the labels properties :
companies?token={tokenid} (GET)
companies/{companyid}/persons?token={tokenid} (GET)

[FIX] Fix : Issue in orders when combining "back-translation task" and "source-text task")
Fix an issue that occurs when a back-translation preset-workflow is chosen and a source-text task is added

[FIX] Deadline estimation for Codyt document not always considering platform work times
When marking a document for online translation, the deadline estimation disregarded the work times and weekend settings of "My Company". This has been amended. The change also affects deadline estimations done for Instant Translation post edit requests and Beebox translation requests.

[FIX] Fix comment icon in editor's segments
Comment icon was sometimes active while there was no comment to display

[FIX] Fix: Preview of email notifications with sample data
In the settings for email notifications, the preview now also work for invoices, global search and comment notification.

[FIX] Fix: In some cases, the public order form wrongly directed users to the login page
An issue was preventing in some cases the public order form to show up and was redirecting the user to the login page. This issue has been fixed.

[FIX] Advanced QA check: Sometimes the QA popup was blank
Fixed the issue where the advanced QA check render an empty popup.

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