Release Notes 6/6/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, June 6, 2017:

[NEW] SRT files: New filter for .srt Subrip subtitle files. These files are used for video subtitling.
The SRT format is commonly used to translate video subtitles.
The new filter extracts subtitles, subtitle ID and subtitle timestamps to the translator. Formatting elements <i>, <b>, <u> and <font> are shown as protected markup.

[NEW] API method projects/.../documents/codytdocument2: New parameter to explicitly specify a word count profile
The API method above has a new optional parameter "wcid". It permits to pass the ID of a word count profile. By default, the method uses the project's profile for word counting. The new parameter lets you "override" this default.
For full details see:

[NEW] SVG files: New filter for .svg files (Scalable Vector Graphics)
We added native support for the translation of .svg files. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics files. It is an open standard.

[IMPROVE] Update of the length limit of the filter "order Id" in the orders page
Filter "order id" was limited to 10 characters

[IMPROVE] Dynamic supplier groups: Allow up to 100 suppliers returned for a job (previously limited to 40)
We extended the maximum for a very specific use case of a customer. Generally we recommend setting the total to 5 or 10 to avoid that there are too many suppliers in a job opening.

[FIX] Excel export
Fix an issue with the editor Excel export feature.

[FIX] When multiple globalsearch are performed successively , the selected items are not cleared
When multiple globalsearch are performed successively, the selection is not cleared.
Then the excel export contains items from precedent search.

[FIX] Terminology check improved when a term has multiple translation in a term base
When a term has multiple translations in the terminology base, even if the translation is correct sometimes the system raise an error.
This has been corrected

[FIX] Improve xliff reconstruction, when target tag contains a slash
When a <target> tag in an xliff file is not auto-closing and contains a /, this / was removed from reconstructed file.

[FIX] Order list of files refresh after upload
When you upload a file manually in order, the list of files is now refreshed.

[FIX] Error with Internet Explorer in few administration pages
An javascript error has been fixed for Internet Explorer.

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