Release Notes 6/27/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, June 27, 2017:

[NEW] [NewEditor] - Project name is now in the browser title
Project name is now in the browser title

[NEW] [NewEditor] - Username and replace option
The option allowing you to copy the content of a revision into a cell has been implemented.

The username in the revision is now correctly displayed

[NEW] [New Editor] - Header menu is now collapsible
Our teams have worked on the menu header section too, now you have a "pin icon" on the right side of the header menu. If the you click on this icon, the menu will be hidden, and will be display only when your mouse enter on the header area (see the next screenshot).

[NEW] [NewEditor] - Compact segment view
The Wordbee team has worked the last days on the segment height optimisation.
Now in the user configuration panel (setting icon on the top right corner) or in header menu (Path : View > show/hide) you have access to a new setting view named "compact segment view".

If you enable this setting, the segment height area is smaller. In average, we have twice more visible segments.

[IMPROVE] [New Editor] Reduce height of one segment
For maximize the number of segment in the view,, we have reduce the line height of segments.
For use the old view, you can change the "segment view" option in the settings.

[IMPROVE] The API to retrieve projects information sometimes show an empty local in the project languages
When an API call to retrieve project information is performed, for codyt projects with document marked for translation, an additional empty local is show

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Terminologie check for QA
The QA can be check the terminologie.

[FIX] [NewEditor] - Export window opening fixes
On all browser, the export widget is now correctly displaying

[FIX] [NewEditor] - Translation Finder Options is now accessible
Translation Finder Options is now accessible

[FIX] [NewEditor] -No truncate comment and fixes for the "small screensize"
The timeline display correctly the comments list, and the readability is better for the small screens

[FIX] [NewEditor] Qa source and target language list empty
When the QA widget is open, the language selectors was not empty

[FIX] [NewEditor] Qa selector profile fix
When the source or target change, the profiles list is correctly refreshed

[FIX] [NewEditor] Cannot generate a tag picture when undoing a tag that was previously deleted
When editing a cell, if we delete a tag and then press undo, the system is not able to generates the picture

[FIX] [NewEditor] Quick check - Selector fix
The source and target language are now correctly selected

[FIX] [NewEditor] The reference material is accessible for Job in the new editor
The previous version limited the access to reference material for "Project" only.
Now the editor for "Job" can be open the reference material too.

[FIX] Fix verbose invoices with manual cost
Invoices with manual set cost were not displaying the proper total value.

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