Release Notes 8/3/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, August 3, 2017:

[NEW] New language added - Nyanja
Wordbee now supports Nyanja. The code for this new language is ny.

[NEW] [NewEditor] Resize side panel
The panel on the right side containing the Translation Finder, Segment properties and Timeline can now be resized.

[NEW] [NewEditor] Borderless view
Users now have an option to toggle a borderless view for the editor that creates more space in the work area.

[NEW] [NewEditor] New action has been added : Custom Field Segment, applying a custom field value to all filtered segments
It is now possible to apply a value to a custom field that is only on a segment, using actions

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Label text color adapt's to the background color
Improve legibility of labels by changing the label's text colors to black for light background colors and white for dark background colors

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Search is now saving the selected locale
Search had the target locale selected by default, it is now saved in the user profile and will select the proper language once loaded.

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Text custom field has been improved to handle automatic resize
While typing a text custom field, the text area will resize automatically

[FIX] [NewEditor][Safari] Mass Update quick actions are not displaying
Most of the mass update quick actions are hidden, it is not possible to use them

[FIX] [NewEditor][Safari] Most pop ups are not displayed at all and it is not possible to use them. These pop ups includes the mass update tool, special characters tool, user settings, statistics, deliverables, and QA.
Most of our window pop ups are hidden and it is not possible to use them.

[FIX] [NewEditor][Safari] Preview first option parameter is hidden
Due to the option dropdown, the first parameter is hidden.

[FIX] [NewEditor][Safari] Statistics are not displayed properly and it is not possible to use them
The statistics are not displayed properly and not working using Safari

[FIX] [NewEditor] Multiple choice pick list is not working in the custom field actions
Using the actions, the custom field action cannot save the type multiple choice pick list values.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Null text is displayed instead of the name of the worker that has modified the segment
Instead of the worker that has modified the segment, a null value is displaying.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Fix editor crashes when adding a comments column
Fixes an error where users could be stuck on a loading message after adding a column in the workspace, even after reloading the editor.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Impossible to access the preview if a file is in a subfolder
It is not possible to preview if the document is in a subfolder.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Impossible to access a job that has only a source and no targets
It is impossible to access a job that has only a source.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Search language selector has been reworked and now updates the languages after grid cells has been changed
Languages were not updating after grid cells changed

[FIX] [NewEditor] Translation Finder target language is not the source language when focusing a source cell
Translation Finder have twice the same language selected if a source cell has been selected.

[FIX] API - Allow pricelist services that have a target identical to the source
We fixed a different behavior between the user interface and the API. Using the API, it was indeed not possible to add a pricelist service when at least a target was identical to the source language of the service while it is possible using the user interface. We now aligned the two behavior to allow this operation.

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