Release Notes 9/21/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, September 21, 2017:

[NEW] Client invoice production tools: Add filters for order custom fields
The client invoice production tools allow to filter invoices by multiple criteria. However it was not possible to filter these by order custom fields. We have added order custom fields. Please note that filtering on order custom fields will only pick invoices that are linked to orders (in Wordbee you can of course also create client invoices that are not linked to any order).

[NEW] Invoice/quote template: New placeholder for project manager email
New placeholder is named "<#Invoice.ProjectManagerEmail>". It contains the email address of the project manager. This placeholder works with both client and supplier invoices. Please note that the field is blank in aggregated invoices.

[NEW] Job notification email templates: Support job custom fields as placeholders
Job notifications can be freely customized in Wordbee (you need to be administrator to do so). This is done using templates and placeholders for the different fields to include in an email. We have added new placeholders for job custom fields: CustomStr1, CustomStr2...

[IMPROVE] Invoice status change by external suppliers

[IMPROVE] Improve jobs notifications with characters wordcount placeholders
Now the email notification template for jobs notifications allow the use of placeholder for the characters wordcount

[IMPROVE] Display total number of languages specified in an order
With orders with a lot of languages (60+) it is difficult to count languages by hand. Instead we now display the total selected languages right after the "Target languages" title.

[IMPROVE] Add custom fields to report "Project profit and loss"
Project's custom fields can now be used in "Project profit and loss" report S103.

[IMPROVE] In the "Manage jobs" tool in Codyt projects: Visually highlight that changes were applied
When you confirm batch changes to jobs (status, deadline, assignment...) you would click the "OK" button. When the changes are completed, there is no strong visual indication saying "We are done!". We are now making successful completion visually more explicit.

[IMPROVE] Default "Reference Material" visibility in Codyt changed. Now enabled by default.
When creating a new Codyt project, the project wizard lets you set the reference material visibility. By default it is disabled. This development changes the default to "Workers can view files".

[IMPROVE] Date time save to log traces
The date time in traces are now formated to the Round-trip ("o") Format Specifier.

[FIX] Beebox LivePreview: Fix locked segments in interactive mode
We fixed an issue that prevented the segments to be unlocked when a same user is assigned to more than one task in a Wordbee job and one of it is not in progress.

[FIX] [NewEditor] "Load more" button does not work in deliverable pop up
The button "Load more" does not work in deliverable pop up.

[FIX] [NewEditor] [NewEditor] Taking a standard job that has the status "Proposal" changed to the status "Draft" prevents the supplier to work on the job
Status "Draft" is set to a standard job that was proposal, preventing the supplier to access the job.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Cannot take a job that has been proposed to a supplier group with terms and conditions activated
Using the new editor to take a job that was proposed to a supplier group, with terms and conditions, it is not possible to take this job.

[FIX] Updating exchange rates cannot have the same currency anymore
There was an issue while updating an exchange rate that had twice the same currency, EUR to EUR lead to a crash. It has been fixed.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Set Text Length Constraint error message not triggered when changing maximum value, preventing the user to apply changes
When changing the maximum value in Set Text Length Constraint, the error message is not properly refreshed and prevents the user to apply changes.

[FIX] [NewEditor] QA Error in Statistics has been renamed QA Issues
QA Error in Statistics has been renamed QA Issues.

[FIX] Update all rates using Google is now working again, the API URL changed in Google Finance
Update all rates using Google is now fixed, the API URL has been changed.

[FIX] [NewEditor] Design improved for buttons in search feature
Design improved for buttons in search feature

[FIX] [NewEditor] Option <text length constraints> does not work when min/max value is left unchanged
If the user does not want to modify one of the parameters, the field will be left as "none".
This will prevent the user to make any change (in other words, the rule will not be applied).

[FIX] Business Analytics reports now calculate correctly by quarters, and do not include the 4th month.
The 4th month was included in calculations by quarters, it now correctly calculating the right values.

[FIX] Dates in Business Analytics reports are now based on server timezone and not the OS timezone. Quarters now begin the first of the current month and not the last day of the previous month
Dates in Business Analytics reports no longer display the last date of the previous month but the first date of the current month. It is now based on server timezone.

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