Release Notes 11/7/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, November 7, 2017:

[NEW] Standard jobs list: Now possible to customize columns to display
Each user can now customize the columns in the Standard jobs list. Both the order and the columns to show can be set. Look at the "columns" link at the bottom of the jobs list.

[NEW] New languages : Shanghainese, Pashto (Pakistan)
New languages : Two new languages have been added into Wordbee system, Shanghainese and Pashto (Pakistan).

[NEW] Business report S503: Include new placeholder for backup supplier name and price list.
S503 prints a list of supplier services with full details including reference to backup services. We have now added placeholders "BackupCompanyName" and "BackupPriceList" to report S503. The ID of the backup service was already available before.

[NEW] Projects list (dashboard): Now possible to filter by the user who submitted an order in the project
The new field is named "Ordered by" and is shown in the filter options in the projects list. In addition, you can add "Ordered by" as a column to the list. Please note that "Ordered by" is the user and not the client company (which can of course be filtered since always).

[NEW] Secret projects: Optionally restrict access to a project to the assigned managers
You will find a new option in the project details page (next to the manager field). If ticked, the project becomes accessible to the assigned managers only. No other users (except administrator level users) will be able to open the project. Please note that administrator level users can see any confidential projects.

[IMPROVE] Find And Replace Rework
Find and replace widget has been reworked entirely. Using a new technology, it is now way faster and optimized for the users. However, the modal resize has been disabled.

[FIX] Excel multilingual parser doesn't copy comments to sub-segment when segments are splitted
When a column with comments is defined on a multilingual excel file, and if the involved segment is split in sub-segment, the comments are not copied to the sub-segments (contrary to the custom field)

[FIX] Prevent the creation of task categories with the same task code
Prevent the users from creating multiple task categories with the same task code. Now task categories codes are unique.

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