Release Notes 11/21/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, November 21, 2017:

[NEW] New translation editor: New access right added to automatically enable the new editor by user profile.
A new access right "Enable new translation editor" has been added. If you tick this access right for a user profile then the new editor will automatically switched on for all the concerned users. Users will not be able to switch back the old editor. This access right permits to gradually switch users from the old to the new editor.

[NEW] Proxy authentication support for Addin Word and Outlook
The Word/Outlook Addin can be used through a proxy with an user authentication. A specific login form as been added during authentication if the proxy require credentials.

[NEW] Enhancement of supplier selector tool
Project managers are now able to to filter suppliers based on domains. Additionally a 'tick all' option is now available that will tick one service of each supplier in the list.

[NEW] Possibility to define labels for company notes
Possibility to define labels for company notes
Possibility to define labels for company notes
Possibility to define labels for company notes

[NEW] Supplier services page improved: Columns can now be customized. Filtering by service custom fields possible.
The Company > Supplier services page now gets column customization and new filters. At the bottom of the page you will find a new "Columns" link to choose the columns you want to see in the list. We recently added the possibility to add custom fields to price list services. The page filter now lets you filter service custom fields.

[IMPROVE] XLIFF - Extract the "sub" tag content include in bpt, ept and ph tags
The xliff format allow to contain "sub" tag in bpt, ept and ph tags.
The system extract the content of this tag is is not empty.

[IMPROVE] Improvements to Instant Translate
Added a button to instantly clear the text to translate. A bug preventing users from clicking on links in the welcome message has also been fixed.

[IMPROVE] LivePreview - Improval of preview quality
LivePreview was improved for better coverage of content being translated. In some cases texts could not be translated due to differences in segmentation in the original CMS files with respect to the rendered HTML content.

[FIX] Some reports display incorrect date in the header
For some reports, the header doesn't show the correct dates selected by the user. Now it does show it.

[FIX] QA check: Phrase matches versus term matches
QA check: Phrase matches versus term matches
When the full phrase match overlaps with a term match existing in the database (AB contains B), the QA check was raising a false QA flag that the term translation was missing. With the last fix, the full phrase match is given priority, so that the QA does not think that the term translation does not exist.

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