Release Notes 11/30/2017 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, November 30, 2017:

[NEW] New API methods to delete or purge a memory or termbase
New methods are added to API v2. One to delete a resource and one to purge all content (segments) of a resource. The methods are documented here:

[NEW] Order form can now be configured for requesting interpreter sessions
The order form settings and accordingly the order form have been amended to support interpreter sessions.

[NEW] Interpretation jobs: User interface improved for creating and amanaging interpreter jobs
Standard projects and job pages have been improved for interpreter work. Interpreter tasks now allow filling in a fixed start and end date. For convenience they also show the duration of the interpreting session.

[NEW] Resource details page: New button to completely empty/purge a resource
The resource details page gets a new "Purge..." button to entirely empty the resource: All segments are deleted. This function is useful if you need to completely clean a resource before uploading new contents.

[NEW] New minimum fee option in price lists: Choose to apply minimum fee per Codyt job or per invoice
With Codyt the minimum fee is applied individually per Codyt job (suppliers) or per document/language pair (clients). The fee is applied manually or automatically when calculating the cost for individual documents or jobs. It is now possible to apply the minimum fee when creating invoices only. This permits to create (for example) a client invoice comprising multiple documents and apply a minimum fee for the total of the selected documents.

[FIX] Translation finder show custom fields for phrase hit but not for term
When a user selects a segment, the translation finder shows custom fields for phrase hits but not for term hits.

[FIX] Projects are wrongly being set to Archive
When the Business processes to automatically Archive projects after a month, it automatically wrongly archive some newly completed project.

[FIX] Tag name not displaying entirely
The tooltip is not displaying entirely the tag name when hovering the tag, it is cut. It is a design issue and the tag name not displaying entirely.

[FIX] Pricelist services without capacities display a fake value when service detail is open
In a pricelist, if a service is created with a capacity, other service created with no capacity specified will display a fake value in this service detail.

[FIX] Business report S540: Does not include supplier ratings if jobs are assigned to a supplier company but not a specific supplier person
The report omits any ratings done for suppliers if the rated job is not assigned to a specific user at the supplier. This problem has been fixed.

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