Release Notes 1/8/2024 - Wordbee Translator []

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, January 8, 2024:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] Automated User Notification Feature for Account Creation
We've implemented a new feature enabling administrators to automate notification emails for newly created user accounts. This email includes the user's login details and a secure password reset URL, optimizing the efficiency and security of the user onboarding process.

This functionality is accessible through a checkbox within the 'Create New Login' section. The addition of this feature aims to improve user experience, bolster security measures, and simplify administrative tasks associated with user management.

[IMPROVE] Enhancement of Project Memory Consolidation
Upon the completion of a project, our system facilitates the consolidation of translations into a master memory, either manually or automatically. This process involves the incorporation of new translations or the update of existing ones within the target memory.
Previously, when the system encountered a translated text with multiple identical matches in the memory, it would update only one of those matches. Recognizing the logical need to update all identically matching target hits, we have now upgraded the system to ensure that all corresponding matches are updated simultaneously. This enhancement streamlines the consolidation process, ensuring a more comprehensive and efficient update of the master memory.

[IMPROVE] Retained Action Selection for Resource Entry
When creating a new entry in the editor for resources, the selected action, whether "Save and Close" or "Save and New," will now be retained as the pre-selected choice the next time the popup is opened. This enhancement ensures a smoother workflow by maintaining the previously chosen action for subsequent resource entries.

[IMPROVE] New Access Right
A new access right (R220) has been introduced. When this access right is disabled, users will be unable to mark files for no translation.

[IMPROVE] Improved User Interface for Managing Dynamic Supplier Groups
We have improved the interface for adding suppliers to dynamic groups, and we've included service ratings alongside each service listing. These ratings are service-specific, and not indicative of overall supplier performance. Additionally, a new sorting feature defaults listings based on Supplier Name, Language, Price List, Service Code, and Service Rating for improved organization and usability.

[FIX] "Automatically Close Completed Orders" Option Issue Resolved
The "Automatically close completed orders" feature had a flaw in the prior version, where orders failed to transition from 'completed' to 'closed.' This issue caused inconvenience and confusion, necessitating manual intervention. A patch has been implemented to rectify this, ensuring the option now correctly updates the order status as intended.

[FIX] Job Ratings Scale Issue Resolved
In a previous release, job ratings, conventionally ranging from 1 to 5, were erroneously displayed on some business reports (S400, S401, S105, S410) using a scale of 10 to 50. This issue has been successfully rectified.

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