Release Notes 1/29/2024 - Wordbee Translator [2024.1.3.0]

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, January 29, 2024:

Released to: [Azure] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] API Version 2: New Methods for Accessing, Creating, and Editing Invoices
We have developed a suite of new robust functionalities, offering comprehensive methods to access and modify the details of invoices. Users can now effortlessly manipulate specific invoice details including line items related to costs, providing more control over invoice customization. For a detailed guide and more information on these advanced features, please visit our documentation at:

[NEW] New Option to Skip Pre-translation from Project Memory for Machine-Translated Hits
The recent update to the word count profile includes a new option: a checkbox titled 'Disregard these pre-translations: Machine translations.' This feature allows users to exclude machine-translated hits from the project memory during pre-translation, focusing instead on translations that are likely to be of higher quality and more accurate. It's important to note that these disregarded machine translations will still be included in the 'Match & Repetitions' column of the word count.

[NEW] API Version 2: New Methods for Accessing and Updating Codyt Job Costs
We have introduced new API V2 methods to retrieve cost details associated with a Codyt Job, providing a detailed breakdown of expenses. Additionally, we've implemented functions for clearing and recalculating cost details. This is particularly beneficial for integration workflows where job word counts are updated via the API, which require a subsequent refresh of the job's cost estimation. Please refer to our detailed documentation:

[NEW] Enhanced Workflow Control with New Automatic Project Cancellation Option
We have introduced a new option for automatic order cancelation. The new option is found under Settings > Client Portal > Advanced Settings, and is named "Cancel Project if All Orders Are Cancelled." When enabled, the system automatically updates a project's status to 'cancelled' when all linked orders are also set to cancelled.

[NEW] DeepL MT Connector Now with Glossaries and Formality Options
In this release, we've integrated two key capabilities into our DeepL MT connector. The first is glossaries, enabling users to specify vocabulary preferences for precise translations and document-wide consistency. The second is the formality feature, providing the option to toggle between formal and informal tones, ensuring adaptability to diverse contexts and audience preferences. For more information about the Deepl MT connector visit:

[IMPROVE] Wordbee Link for Google Sheets: Enhanced Granular Control for Translation Sync
This update introduces a settings dropdown, enabling precise control over translated segments based on validation status. Users can now fine-tune the synchronization of target language segments from Wordbee Translator to Google Sheets, optimizing translation workflow efficiency and quality.

[IMPROVE] Wordbee Link for Google Sheets: Sync Source Language Changes Made in Wordbee Translator
We've added a new functionality allowing users to update source language data directly from Wordbee Translator. For detailed information on this feature, refer to our Wordbee Link for Google Sheets documentation:

[IMPROVE] Enhanced 'Regex in Translated Text' QA Rule: Now Supports 50 Expressions
The updated QA rule now permits the definition of up to 50 regular expressions, a substantial increase from the previous limit of 10. These expressions can be applied to translations; if a translation matches any of the defined expressions, it will be flagged for review. Additionally, regular expressions can be used on the source text to selectively exclude certain segments from verification.

[IMPROVE] Enhanced Naming Convention for Fuzzy Pre-Translations in All Screens
In a prior release, we enhanced the descriptions for fuzzy pre-translations in quotes and invoices across English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. We have now extended this enhancement to all platform screens, ensuring uniformity and reducing communication ambiguity with stakeholders.

[IMPROVE] Real-Time Display of Selected Documents Counts
We have integrated a real-time document count feature into the item selection list during Standard job configuration, providing users with immediate visibility into the selected document quantity. This improvement contributes to heightened accuracy and efficiency in the job creation process.

[IMPROVE] Enhanced File Naming in Wordcount Feature
The Wordcount feature now generates exported files with improved nomenclature, incorporating pertinent details such as project name, export date, and job ID. Users can expect files named in a standardized format, e.g., 'Wordcount_ProjectName_JobId,' facilitating streamlined file management and retrieval.

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