Release Notes 2/19/2024 - Wordbee Translator [2024.1.6.0]

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Monday, February 19, 2024:

Released to: [Azure] 

[NEW] New Menu Item for Synchronization Status for Link for Google Sheets
In this update, a new menu item has been added to Link for Google Sheets, aimed at enhancing user efficiency. This addition offers a quick and streamlined method to monitor the synchronization status of content across multiple languages. Clicking on the new menu item opens a modal window, providing users with a comprehensive overview of workflow statuses for each language within their project. This feature empowers users with valuable insights, facilitating smoother project management and content tracking.

[NEW] Introducing Compact Mode for Quotes and Invoices for Standard Jobs
We've introduced a new feature to enhance the invoicing experience for Standard Projects. Now, within each client price list, you can customize the level of detail on invoices to your preference: 'Detailed' (the current default), 'Compact,' or 'Verbose.' Simply navigate to "My Company" > "Prices" to access this setting labeled "Client Invoices." This flexibility aims to provide a clearer and more tailored invoicing experience for both users and clients.

[NEW] Extended Status Synchronization Options
In this update, we've expanded the "Synchronize order and project status" setting with new technical configurations. Users now have more control over synchronization, with options to align statuses for "In Progress," "Completed/Done," or both. These additions offer improved flexibility for managing project statuses and streamlining workflow processes.

[NEW] Standard Workflow Enhancement: Auto-copy of Translated Files to Client Order on Completion
Wordbee now automatically copies the translated file back into the client order upon the completion of the workflow. This automation ensures a seamless transition from project completion to delivery, enhancing both efficiency and client satisfaction.

[NEW] Enhanced Standard Workflows with Automatic Project Completion
With this new feature, Wordbee will automatically set the project status to "Completed" once all jobs within a project are finished. This enhancement saves time and minimizes manual oversight, ensuring that project statuses are always up-to-date and accurately reflect their current state.

[NEW] New "Highlight Segments with Green Status" Option
In this update, a new option titled "Highlight segments with a green status" has been incorporated into the Preview menu for Microsoft Word. When enabled, this feature highlights successful segments in green color within the document.

[NEW] Add Context To DeepL MT Profile
We've integrated DeepL's latest feature, "context," into our platform. Now, users can include prompts with their translation requests, providing valuable context to refine machine translation (MT) results. For example, specifying domains like "medical" can significantly impact translation style and the treatment of specific terminology, enhancing the quality of translations.

[NEW] Enhanced Minimum Fee Flexibility
We've added a new business rule in "Settings" > "Invoicing Processes" > "Codyt Minimum Fee - Supplier Invoices" to refine how minimum fees are applied. This rule offers the choice to apply the minimum fee during cost calculation at the job level via the "Set Cost" function or exclusively when generating supplier invoices. This flexibility is for Codyt projects, allowing for more efficient management of minimum fees across document groups and jobs.

[IMPROVE] Mandatory QA Workflow for Standard Jobs
Users can now configure the workflow for Standard Jobs to require a mandatory Quality Assurance (QA) check before job completion. Attempting to mark a job as complete from the job page will now be contingent upon the QA specified being error-free. This enhancement ensures that all Standard Jobs undergo thorough QA validation before finalization, promoting higher quality outputs and reducing errors in completed work.

[IMPROVE] Find & Replace Feature Enhancement
In this update, we've improved the Find & Replace feature of our editor by introducing a new functionality. Users can now utilize the circle character (°) as a placeholder when searching for Non-Breaking Spaces (NBSP) within texts. This enhancement offers more flexibility in text manipulation, enabling efficient identification and replacement of specific elements within documents.

[IMPROVE] Enhanced Search Result Filtering
This update allows users to filter search results using Order CFs (Custom Fields), enhancing navigation and data management within the 'Client/Supplier Production Invoice' pages. This improvement empowers users to refine search queries based on specific criteria, facilitating more efficient data retrieval and analysis within the platform.

[IMPROVE] Improvements to UI in the QA Process
We've implemented a convenient enhancement to streamline the Quality Assurance (QA) process within our editor. Now, when changing the status to "complete" in the checklist area, a new button will appear on the status page. This button serves as a quick access point to open the QA dialog, ensuring efficiency and ease of access for QA tasks.

[IMPROVE] Case Sensitivity Toggle for Regular Expressions
Users can now specify whether the regular expressions (regex) they write should be case-sensitive. This update includes the addition of a checkbox that gives users the flexibility to toggle case sensitivity on or off for their regex patterns.

[IMPROVE] Enhancement to XLIFF file handling
We have enhanced how the system handles XLIFF files and the parsing mechanism.

[FIX] Version Alignment in Job Attachments
Previously, there was an issue where attachments displayed in the jobs tab of the project were incorrectly linked to the initial version of either the forward translation or the original source file. We have resolved this issue.

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