Assigning suppliers, groups or crowds to jobs – Recap of latest developments

A few days ago we added new tools and features related to assigning vendors to jobs. Did you ever want to…

  • Propose jobs to multiple vendors. All should be notified by email and the first to accept the job shall get the assignment. You also want to see who declined your proposal.
  • Propose jobs first to one or more vendors, and, only if none accepts within 2 hours, more vendors shall be notified. Or maybe there is still another group to be notified 4 hours later…
  • Create vendor groups, such as “My medical translators”, “My preferred revisers”, “My certified translators” and so on. Then assign jobs to groups instead of picking out people manually.
  • Crowd source work to your inhouse staff. Either allowing multiple people working on the same documents simultaneously or exclusively. Ideally, you would want to be able to create a “My inhouse revisers” group of people for fast assignment.
  • Whenever work is assigned the system shall calculate cost automatically from vendor pricelists.
  • And, last not least, you want the system to remember all your settings such as groups, delays, etc.

Do these requirements ring a bell? Great because this and more is possible with Wordbee. Check the link below :

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