Translation interface font size, colors and zoom.

We receive regularly demands on how to change the size of the texts, their colors and how to zoom in the translation interface.

Here are some methods you can use.

Changing the overall zoom level:
In order to zoom you can use this method which is a shortcut to the zoom button of the browser; Maintan the CTRL key down and simultaneously rotate slowly the mouse wheel.

If you do not have a wheel on your mouse, you can use these shortcuts :
- zoom in: [Ctrl] + [+]
- zoom out: [Ctrl] + [-]
- reset zoom : [Ctrl] + [0]

Customizing the font size and colors:
If you prefer, you can configure the text size and color of each part of the translation interface individually by going to the Preferences


then on the tab "Colors and Styles" 


You can click the Apply button to see the changes in realtime without closing the Preference window.


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