Create mono-lingual jobs with Codyt !

In Wordbee, using Codyt projects, you are now able to create mono-lingual jobs.

To do so, you first need to reach the task configuration page (Settings -> Task categories) and there, edit or create a new task and specify that it applies to source text only.



Note that you should set this task in the first position if it is the first one to execute in the workflow:


You can now configure your workflow (in Codyt projects only):




  • To be able to work on source texts, the users need the following access right to be activated:



Please note that enabling this access right authorize users to edit source of each document on which they will work on.


  • When setting suppliers' skills or prices, the selection of this task will remove the “target language” field:



  •  When marking your document for online translation, Wordbee will create a single instance of this task:



In this example, all Translation tasks will be kicked off when the Source preparation task is set to completed.

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    Andy Schwieter

    Great feature Agathe!

    I'm struggling to implement it. I want the DTP vendor to create a simple text extract from the design file, and then Wordbee to pass that text extract to the translators.

    Is it possible to do that? This looks like the only way to do "Source preparation" is in the Wordbee editor.

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