New: add clients to supplier groups

Up to now, it was possible to define the language pair(s) and task(s) that a client can perform, and assign them jobs. 

We went a step further, and now client users can be added to supplier groups and receive job openings.

But before adding a client to a supplier group, you should make sure that:

  • you have assigned to the client user the profile 'External client and worker'.
  • you have entered in the system the languages and tasks the client user can work on. To do so, reach the 'Clients' tab of your Wordbee platform and select a client:


Then, open the 'People and logins' page:


You see here the different people that are part of the client's company. For each of them, you can define the languages and tasks:






Do not set any price as the client will only be able to work on his own documents.

Once the services are configured for the different clients, you can add them to supplier groups:



You can now send them job openings, the clients will receive job proposal notifications as the other members of the group.

Just note that a client can only work in his own projects. That means that if we add a user of “Client A” in a group, and then use this group in a project for “Client B”, the client user won’t receive the job proposal.

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