Comments filtering by date and work step

Have you already met the situation where you would like to find comments posted during the translation or revision step of your workflow, but you're stuck because of this missing filter? This time is over!

A new filter has been added to the 'Comments & Discussion' panel:



Before, you could only filter comments by category. Now, you have the ability to also filter by work step (translation, revision, proofreading...), and post date.

When a filter is applied, the “Filter” button color will switch to orange:



This filter will work for new comments only. Note that a comment is linked to the job on which it has been posted. It means that if a manager wants to link a comment with a revision job for instance, he has to open the revision job to post his comment. If he opens the translation interface from the document's library of the project ('view segments'), the comments he will post won’t be linked with any task (only displayable using the “any” filter).

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    Aaron Beaton

    This is great! Filtering by language would also be incredibly helpful.

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