Taking work offline with XLIFF

Wordbee lets you take translation or revision work "offline". This means that you can use other CAT tool and still manage all workflows inside Wordbee. The procedure is as simple as it can possibly be:

  1. Open a file in the Wordbee translation editor
  2. Click the "Xliff" button to export source & translation
  3. Translate the Xliff in your CAT tool
  4. Click the "Xliff" button to import your translations back to Wordbee

See below for more explanations:

Exporting to Xliff

The screen below shows a document inside the Wordbee translation editor. We now want to translate it outside of Wordbee. To do so, click "Xliff" and then "Export to Xliff":

An popup opens with a few options. Confirm options to download the Xliff file. Now translate the Xliff with any compliant translation tool or a simple text editor...

Importing translated Xliff

Once the file has been translated you need to upload it back to Wordbee. Click the same "Xliff" button described in the previous step but then choose "Import from Xliff". The following dialog opens:

The two options need some explanation: The first one should be ticked if you would like Wordbee to verify and (if needed) correct markup. The second option should be ticked if you edited the source text and want these changes to be imported as well. Use this option with care!

Click "Next" and the system will first check your file (without importing) and show you the number of additions or changes (it compares your translations, one by one, with those contained in Wordbee). If all that looks fine, simply confirm and have the changes be applied. That's it!

Who can use the Xliff import/export? Access rights?

By default, the Xliff button is available to internal users but NOT to external users. You can fully customise who can use it and who not. You should be aware that going offline removes many advantages that the Wordbee online translation editor provides: No access to translation memories, No real-time editing and tracking, No concurrent access to the same document, Limited version control, etc. Therefore you should be careful with authorising your team.

To enable/disable access for user profiles, please go to "Settings" then "Access rights". Choose an internal or external user profile and tick on/off Xliff. A change to a user profile will affect all users assigned to the profile.

Can I do revision and proofreading work using Xliff?

Yes you can! If an exported document already contains translations these will be included in the Xliff. Simply review translations offline and make corrections where needed.

If you would like to leave comments to the translator please do so from the online editor. The system does not import back comments inserted into the Xliff.

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    Andy Schwieter

    Any chance of enabling the system to import back comments inserted into the Xliff? That would be very helpful for my workflow.

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