Better dashboard, Translate document updates, Email translation comments and more

Some features:

  1. The dashboard is customisable and shows work status
  2. Translating document updates a breeze. This week's magic pill!
  3. Notify team by email when adding comments in translation editor
  4. Download all translated documents as a zip in Work & Delivery page
  5. Send suggestions from the Global Search tool
  6. View list of recent email notifications sent from your platform

Let's look at all this in detail:


The dashboard lets you add, remove and re-arrange the different "widgets" or "panels". Click the title bar of a widget and drag it into a new position. To add a widget click the customise dashboard link in the top right corner.

The "Activity" widget shows work status information such as: How many projects open? Deadlines overrun or due today? etc.

To see the number of currently connected/working users you need to login as administrator (available with Team Editions only).

Recommendation: Please include only the widgets you really need in your dashboard. The more widget you put the slower the page will load in your browser!

Efficiently Translate New Document Versions (with Standard Projects)

Imagine: Three months ago you had translated version 1 of a user manual. This morning you receive an updated version. The document has some 200 pages. Mmmm... Comparing the documents to find differences? Tedious! Pre-translating with a translation memory? TMs will just add context related errors! And we have to work into 5 languages...

Please Wordbee, give me the magic pill !!!!

This is how you do it: In the project library below you can see the version 1 of our document which I had fully translated into two languages two weeks ago. I am now uploading the new version 2 to the project:

As usual, you right click the file and choose "Mark for online translation". In the popup that opens, you will find the new magic option (see yellow marker):

Tick the "Pre-translate" option and then pick the previous file version. Upon confirmation of this screen, the system will pre-translate all portions of version 2 texts that did not change with respect to version 1. The remainder, added or modified segments, are left blank.

This operation is highly reliable: It analyses location and context of each piece of text. This is much more reliable than even context sensitive translation memories - contact me (Stephan at sbohmig at if you would like to learn more.

In the translation editor version 2 now looks like this:

The first three segments are pre-translated. The green arrow icons to the left tell you that the source text and its context (text before and after) is identical and therefore translations can be trusted fully. The blue icon means that the translation was copied over but the text before or after is different. This means that the context changed and a verification is required. The fourth segment in the example is new in version 2. It must be translated...

A final word: If your document is for multiple languages, the system will pre-translate all of them. Our example is for a web page but you can use this feature for any type of document, including multi-lingual formats such as Excel, Xml or Xliff.

This feature works with Standard projects. In Codyt you do it a bit differently: Right click the old version and choose the "Manage" option. Then click the "Upload new version" tab.

Notify Team by Email when Adding Comments in Translation Editor

As you know, translators, revisers, managers or even clients may attach comments and notes to all or individual segments. A corner stone for efficient collaboration and tractability. What was somewhat missing was the possibility to notify the team by email whenever important comments were added. This is now possible.

Below I am adding a new comment and I am ticking the new "Notify by email" box. You then simply select the people to notify by email and a message is sent out.

The drop down proposes the project manager and everyone involved with the the current language couple and document. When adding a comment to a translation memory or glossary, the system will propose the project manager and the people who have worked on this very specific segment.

Try it out and let your team know!

Download all Translations as Zip in Work & Delivery page

A button was added to the Work & Delivery page toolbar.

One click to download all filtered or selected documents as a zip archive:

Send Suggestions from the Global Search Tool

If a team member sees a translation in the Global Search page that may require improvement, he/she can now send a suggestion to the manager. We have added an email icon next to each search result:

Click the icon and fill in your suggestions and comments. The manager of the platform instantly receives an email.

Initial setup: You need to specify the email to which suggestions are sent. Go to "Settings" and then "Global Search". If no email is specified, the email icons do not show up.

About Global Search: This tool is an optional module in Wordbee. It permits to full text search all your projects, documents and translation memories. It works much like a web search engine.

View Recent Email Notifications

With the Team Editions of Wordbee, you know that jobs, orders, etc. are accompanied by email notifications. We have added a new page that lets you review recently sent emails.

Log in as administrator, move mouse over the "Settings" and choose "Current Activity". In the opening page choose "Email notification".


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