Visio, Reverso, Codyt and more

Please read below about the additions to Wordbee Translator:

Translating Microsoft Visio files

Wordbee  supports the translation of Microsoft Visio files. Translate any version, including Visio 2007 and the latest Visio 2010.

Translating plain text files

Ever had a simple text file, such as "readme.txt" to translate and wondered why Wordbee did not have a filter for something simple as that? Well, us too ;-) We support *.txt, *.utf8 and *.text files. By default, text is segmented at newlines but you can change this in the "Settings" section.

Softissimo Reverso - An alternative to Google Translate

The translation editor gives built-in and free access to the Reverso machine translation system. This is a great alternative to our Google Translate link.

Reverso is a machine translation system developed by the company Softissimo in France. For the list of supported language couples please go here. One of Softissimo Reverso's strengths clearly is data confidentiality: They do NOT re-use, store, disseminate or exploit texts sent for translation. Another strength is the possibility to add customer specific terminology. Please contact Softissimo for your customization needs.

Invoice and quote handling enhanced

Wordbee manages many (if not most) aspects related to cost calculation, quoting and invoicing. Features include:

  • Codyt projects fully support invoice/quote creation. Go to a Codyt project and click the "Counts & Cost" page.
  • Possibility to attach files to an invoice/quote: Directly attach e.g. a PDF file to an invoice and share with your client or supplier online.
  • Add labels and internal comments. Labels are visible to internal users only.
  • Clients and supplier records have fields for: creditor number, debtor number and VAT number

This is how the invoice/quote popup looks like 



Thank you for your attention!

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