Word count option - 100% Microsoft Word compatible

Wordbee can now produce word/character counts that are 100% Microsoft Word compatible!

The "old" count algorithm is still there and continues to produce results comparable to most CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools. However, you can now decide to go CAT style, Microsoft Word style or both.

Why did we add this option? Everybody knows Word, Excel or Powerpoint and most of us had used these applications to count words. These counts can be slightly different from CAT counts and often produce smaller numbers. If you, your suppliers or clients ask for MS Word compatible word/character numbers, then you should switch over now:

Configuring Word style counting

Please click "Settings" in the top navigation menu and then select the "Word counting" link. This brings you to the page to view, edit and define your word count profiles. If you never went here, you will see a single profile: "Default".

Select the "Default" profile (or add a new profile) and you will see a page like this:

Simply tick the "Microsoft Word" option and save the profile. Whenever you now count words in a project, make sure you choose your new profile in the word count dialog. And this is it!

Of course you can leave the "Default" profile unchanged and add a second profile such as "Default Word style". This is useful if you want to use both count styles. For example, you may want to go CAT style for some projects and Word style for others.

Final note

This seems obvious but I thought I'd mention it: Counts are compatible with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian source languages for both the old counting and the new Word style counting.


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    Jessica Liu



    I tick the "Microsoft Word compatible" option (leaving other options by default) and save the profile. Then use this profile to count words. But the numbers of total words and characters when quite different from those in MS Word Count dialog box.


    How can I produce 100% MS Word count in Wordbee?

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