Better invoices with VAT configuration

First of all, a big thanks to all our users and all your recommendations. This time we picked up your suggestions regarding invoicing and cost calculation. As you certainly know, Wordbee can calculate costs of a project or job and produce Excel invoices automatically. It does so by taking the project or job word counts and looking up prices in the pricelists you have created under "My Company" and your suppliers.

Easy configuration of VAT rates:

Until now it was necessary to type in the VAT rate for each single invoice. Wordbee did not remember all the rates for both your clients and suppliers. From now on, you set rates once and the system will remember them!

Start by going to "My Company" and edit your company details. You will find a new field to set a default VAT rate for all your clients in the "invoicing& accounting.



Whenever you create an invoice this rate will be picked up by default. Great, but what if this or that specific client requires a different rate? Easy. Select the client, edit details and type the specific rate into the client's VAT field.


As for supplier invoices it is much the same: Select a supplier, edit details and type in the supplier VAT rate. That's it!

Rounding off amounts to 2, 3 or 4 digits?

By default Wordbee rounds off amounts to 2 digits, such as in €600,24. You need a higher precision? Simply, go to a pricelist and set a precision. Each pricelist can be configured individually.
Stay tuned!
Your Wordbee Team
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