Round-tripping and translating in MS Word

You asked for it, you got it! Roundtripping documents to MS Word for translation and grammar/spelling check!

Translators can translate offline by exporting MS Word or XLIFF and then upload it back into Wordbee.

Apart from working offline, the major benefit of roundtripping to MS Word is to perform a spelling and grammar check, especially considering that many translators swear by MS Word. Once you find and fix any mistakes in the MS Word document, you just upload it to Wordbee and it's all taken care of!

Note: Any formatting you apply to the Word Document will not be reflected in Wordbee when you upload the document. That includes bold letters, italics, fonts, etc. The original formatting, however, is preserved.

  1. The option to export a document to MS Word is at the top of the CAT Interface.
  2. You can then choose to export only the source texts, or also the translated texts. You'll likely want to see the translated texts.
  3. Once Wordbee has prepared your MS Word export, you can download it for editing.
  4. You can edit either the source or the target texts. When you upload the document back into Wordbee, your changes are applied. The layout of the Word document is the same as the CAT interface, with segment number, source, and target columns. The language settings are already applied, so the MS Word Document is ready for formatting.
  5. You can then save your MS Word document, and import it back into Wordbee. The translation will by default be updated. You have two options:
    • Automatically correct any misplaced or missing markup (your translator accidentally broke a tag).
    • Update the source/original texts if they were modified (if you had to make changes to the source text).
  6. The changes you made to the Word Doc are then applied to Wordbee!

Note: Do my external suppliers have access to MS Word round-tripping?

No, by default only your internal users can use the functionality. To enable the feature for all (or selected) suppliers, you need to tick the option in the respective user profiles. Login as administrator, click the "Settings" top navigation link and select "Access Rights". Choose a user profile and tock on/off the MS Word option.

That's how you roundtrip a document from Wordbee to MS Word and back!

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