Now added straight into the translation editor!

This  feature is one of my personal favorites. I found myself playing around with it for an hour today just for fun. Friday afternoon... So what is a label or tag?

Recall - What are labels?

Google Mail, Facebook, etc. all use labels to classify, annotate or organize information such as emails or blog posts like this one. Wordbee does not stand behind and we have introduced labels many months ago.

Labels are shown at the bottom of project pages, resource pages, order pages, etc.

Now in the picture below I added two labels to a project. The first is there to remind me that I need to call the client. The second label was set by my colleague that the project contents and files are all fine and checked. All these labels can be freely customised, see further down!

Click a label to select a new value or click (+) to add more labels to the project.

Labels can serve various purposes: Set priority, quality, action to take, validation status, a category, etc. etc. You decide which labels you want to see. The nice thing with labels is their unmatched flexibility.

Labels are customised from the "Settings" top navigation menu then on "Custom fields/labels" to setup YOUR labels.

Newly added: Adding labels to segments

Open the translation editor and click a segment. The picture below shows an example:

Among other things, segment labels can be used to specify validation related information. For example, you might define a label "Bad spelling" or "Bad format".

In the future we will add additional features such as finding segments by their labels. We also will add the possibility to set labels for multiple or all segments of a document or memory in one step.

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