Translate PDFs with Wordbee

Wordbee lets you translate PDF documents! This is how it goes:

  1. Upload and convert your PDFs to Microsoft Word
  2. Translate
  3. Deliver...

Easy said... and easy done:

How to translate PDFs

In the screenshot below you see a project to which I uploaded two PDF files. Select the two files and then I click the Convert Pdf link.

The system converts the files to Microsoft Word and saves the result to the library. Look for the two Word files that have been added:

Double click the files to review the conversion. You will be positively surprised!

All that remains to be done is the translation of the two Word files. Proceed as usual!

Technical stuff: Text vs. Images

Please note that any text contained in images is NOT extracted. The converter does not do optical character recognition (OCR).

With text based pdf files you will likely be surprised with the superior quality of our converter. It goes beyond what the typical desktop tools are capable of. Formatting, styles and graphical elements are preserved to a max.

Conversions may be more or less speedy depending on size and contents. Conversion times of 30 seconds or more are normal for bigger PDFs. Please also note that the conversion service is time shared with other users.

Please note: Password protected files cannot be converted.

The other way round: Converting Word to Pdf

Download any of the many free pdf printer plugins for MS Word (if not already included in your MS Word version). Simply print your translated Word files to Pdf.

Trial and Pricing

You can try out the converter at no charge for a limited period of time. If your trial is not enabled please contact us.

If you would like to use the tool beyond the trial period, we charge a small annual fee. Please contact us for pricing.

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