Customisable invoices and quotes

Wordbee manages the entire life-cycle of translation projects including invoice production. Invoices could always be created in Excel format but it was not possible until now to customize their look & feel. This has now changed.

The improvements are:

  • Easy customization of look and contents - customsing done in Excel
  • Produces professionally looking documents in EXCEL and PDF
  • 6 languages supported out of the box: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch
  • One-click creation of invoices, quotes, POs, declarations, etc.
  • New fields: Invoice No/Date, Quote No/Date

Creating invoices or quotes

Let's open a typical invoice in the Wordbee system. You will see a couple of changes:

Next to the reference you can now add, as needed, the invoice and quote numbers and dates. These data will be included in the printed invoices/quotes.

Now, let's have the system produce and attach a professionally looking invoice or quote. In the screenshot above you will see "attach" links for the invoice and for the quote. Click one of these links:

Clicking "Create file" will let you preview the invoice and then save it to your Wordbee for permanent storage and sharing. The "Format options" let you choose style and output format (Excel or Pdf). This is the file created using a German template:


Customising invoices

Let us jump to the page from where you customize invoices and quotes: Click "Settings" in the top navigation menu and then choose the "Invoice Print Layout" option:

In the lower part of the screen you will find preset sample styles (aka templates) in different languages. Click on "download" top open a template in Excel and make your design changes. Click "Add new" to add a blank new template.

This sounds simple... but please click the "Help with templates" link to learn more! The most important advice:

  • The template has two sheets. This can easily be overlooked. The first for the invoices, the second for the quotes.
  • When you upload a new or changed template, always test it thoroughly with the "test template" link

You can setup any number of templates, e.g. for specific clients, for suppliers, etc. In the top of the configuration page (see screenshot above) you specify the general default templates to use for clients and suppliers.

This default can be overridden per individual client or supplier. Simply open the client/supplier details page and select the template to be used.

A typical template when opened in Excel looks like the following:

You can see the "codes" that will be replaced by real data during the creation of an Excel/Pdf invoice or quote.



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  • 1
    Mohamed Hassan


    Is there a way to customize the quote lines to include totals only? or total wordcount without categories?


  • 0
    Andrew Jones

    Recently, we have a person who is registered as an inhouse translator but who bills us based on a character count. However, we need to know a way for the person to see the quote/invoice information (not simply in the job count window). Is there a way to do this?

    The person is registered as an inhouse translator because he needs a variety of information that is only accessible inhouse.

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