User profile and access rights configuration pages

Wordbee is a collaborative web workplace. As such it permits adding logins for all in-house and external teams members, be these managers, translators, reviewers, proofreaders or clients. Whenever you create a login, you attribute a user profile such as "Manager", "Team leader", "Client", "Worker", etc. The profile defines what information can be seen and modified by a user. For example, the "External worker" profile is perfect for outsourcing to freelancers or agencies. That profile enables a freelancer to receive jobs, translate and hand back the results - just that.

You can do all the customisation for user profile by yourself.

1. View all user profiles

Start by clicking the "Settings" top navigation button in Wordbee. Then scroll down the Settings page and choose the "Access rights" option. Please note that this feature requires to be logged in as Administrator and is not available in the Wordbee Freelance edition.

You will see a page that shows all currently defined in-house / external user profiles:


2. View and customise a profile

Select a profile to see what the profile permits a user to do. Finally, to change settings, click the "Edit" button... That's it.


3. Adding new profiles

Next to changing existing profiles you can add new additional profiles. Click the "Add new profile" button in the profiles summary page and follow instructions.

There are quite some access rights to configure. Do not hesitate to contact us for help or if you need more profile customisation options!

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