Localize PO/POT and Photoshop files

The support for PO/POT and Adobe Photoshop files :-)


PO/POT text files are widely used for software localisation. You can now localize these files with your Wordbee Translator:

  • Wordbee imports not just the source texts but also translations (if included in file) and comments.
  • Comments added by the user in the translation interface are optionally included with the final translated file.

A word on character encoding: Wordbee reads out encoding instructions often included in POT files. If instructions are not present, the administrator can set a default encoding in the Settings > Document Formats > PO/POT section.


Wow! Upload a Photoshop file and Wordbee will automatically extract all text layers. Format changes within texts are highlighted.

Once you have translated the texts, Wordbee produces an Excel file which contains all the source texts and translations. Currently, we do not directly recreate the translated Photoshop file. However, this will be added in the future.

Important note: Sometimes design agencies convert text layers to images. In this case all the textual information is lost and cannot be translated with Wordbee. Please ask your client/agency to supply the original Photoshop files.

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    Marina Olivares Maqueda

    Hi Brahim,


    Do you know if the feature for exporting Photoshop files translated in Wordbee as Photoshop - instead of Excel files - will be available soon? I saw that in Wordbee already appears as "Not available yet", which I assume means good news.

    We are really interested into this option and we will like to use it soon.

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