Drag and drop zip folders to Wordbee

Most Wordbee users are using the drag and drop feature to move files into Wordbee. If you aren’t using drag and drop, most places in Wordbee are now supporting it, so give it a try!

But how can we treat them if there are thousand files in a folder need to be translated? Drag and drop each file will take us years to import and there’s a risk that we’ll miss several important files. This is the reason why we want to present you a simpler way to transfer all the documents to the right place.

You can firstly put all the documents or files needed to be translated in a folder, then zip it up. Your zip file should be exactly that: a .zip file, rather than a .rar or .7z file.

The next step is drag and drop or import manually the zip folders to Wordbee and extract them within the interface. The order of folders and files in the zipped folder is kept when you extract them into Wordbee.

These follow screenshots illustrate what we have mentioned above, for a standard project.

Step 1: Chose drag and drop on the documents screen.

 first step

Step 2: Drag and drop the zipped folder to the right place.

 drag and drop

Step 3: Right click and extract the folder in Wordbee

extract here

You can see the new folder created when you extracted the zip file.

 result 1

Et voila! The file have been extract properly .

 result 2

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