Attach files to jobs

Features for standard projects:

  • A project manager can attach files to a document to translate: Screenshots, instructions, edited or post-edited files...
  • A supplier can upload attachments with the translated file such as post-edited or layouted versions
  • Final or intermediary deliverables from translator, reviser, DTP... can be stored in one place and shared within the team.

All the topics discussed below apply to standard projects. We will add the same feature set to Codyt soon.

Attaching files to documents to translate/revise

Look at the following translation job page. As usual, you find the list of documents to translate together with the "Conduct work" buttons to carry out work.

But hey, there is a icon next to the work status!!

With this icon a project manager can attach files to a document: Screenshots, instructions, reference material, post edited source files and whatever might be needed by the supplier or simply for reference purposes...

Source file attachments

Click the icon and a popup opens:

In the upper part you would upload source material (in our example English is the source language).

The supplier sees the same attachment icons. Blue color stands for "Click me, there are files for you!".

Translation attachments / deliverables

The bottom list in the popup is there for the suppliers: A translator can upload an intermediary deliverable, the reviser can store a revised document version, The DTP person uploads DTP work, etc.:

It is a convenient place to keep different versions of a translated document together. And best of all, a document's attachments are accessible to all the people involved.

When translating online, is this feature needed?

Question reformulated: Shall I now tell translators/revisers to build the final file and upload as an attachment? Or is it still me, the project manager, to build the translated file once the translation/revision job is done?

The latter is still the recommended way to go in most scenarios. But then there are situations where you expect the supplier to post edit or re-layout a translated file.

Somehow, these post-edits or DTP ops need to be delivered ;-) Attachments are your solution...

2.The"offline work" page


There is a link to download the source file and a link to upload the translation. That's it.

However, a major change took place with the addition of the two check boxes to access the aforementioned source and translation attachments.

Where can I see the attachments in the project document library?

If you attach a file to "myfile.doc", the system creates a subfolder "myfile.doc_" (underscore appended). Navigate to the different languages to see the resoective attachments.

In the screenshot below, I selected English in the left pane and all "English" attachments for "Capture.jpg" are located in "Capture.jpg_".

To see the files added by the French translator simply select the French folder in the left pane:

You can add, modify or delete attachments from here as well...

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