Google/Microsoft/Reverso Document Machine Translation

The machine translate  with Google Translate,the Microsoft Translator and Reverso.

How much does it cost?

Both Google and Microsoft are pay services with Microsoft offering a free plan for small monthly translation volumes. When launching the Wordbee machine translation tools, you will be asked to subscribe to a system if this is not yet done. For Reverso please contact Softissimo at

Please note: MT is ready to be used in all Wordbee accounts. You will not be charged by Wordbee for any translations. Simply subscribe to Google or Microsoft and you are ready to go!

Machine translate documents, step by step

In a standard project click the "Work & Delivery" tab and you will find a new "Machine translate" button. Click the button to translate either all filtered documents or just the ones you ticked.

The following dialog will show up:



Choose your preferred MT system by clicking on the arrow. If your project has multiple target languages you will be able to make a selection per language. If an MT system does not support a language couple, the option is disabled.

In our example, the Google system is not enabled and you can click the "Enable now!" link to subscribe. I have ticked Microsoft Translator because I have already subscribed earlier. Before you click "OK", please check out the options in the lower part.

Upon completion, open the translation editor. Machine translated segments show up in brown color and with a special "MT" icon:

Codyt projects

With Codyt projects it works very much the same. Click the "Jobs" tab in the project and then the "Machine Translate" button.

How do I subscribe?

Click the "Settings" button in the top navigation menu, then click "Machine translation". In my sample page below you see that I am subscribed to Microsoft but did not do so with Google.


If I want to add Google, I simply click the "manage systems" link to view instructions. Upon successful subscription with Google I obtain from them an "API key". Paste this key into the field shown below:


Subscribing to Microsoft in Wordbee works very much the same. If you have any troubles please contact Wordbee support.

IMPORTANT: Google lets you delimit the amount of characters you can translate per second. Please put this limit as high as possible (e.g. 10.000 chars/sec/user) or Wordbee will not be able to send all your texts to Google fast enough.

Access rights

Wordbee lets you restrict the users who can use this new functionality. Look for the "Machine Translation" section in the "Access Rights" page. By default, the Administrator, the Managers and the Team Leaders are authorised. Please keep in mind that you are charged by Microsoft/Google for each translation!

What do I do if an MT translation fails?

If you receive an error message, make sure that:

  • Your subscriptions with Google or Microsoft did not expire.
  • You double checked the Google or Microsoft API keys you have pasted into Wordbee
  • Google: You set translation quotas for characters/second/user sufficiently high (at least 10.000 per second)
  • Google: You authorised the Wordbee server to use your API key (Google has such an option)

What about word counts and costing?

If you run a word count after running a machine translation, all the translated segments will be counted (and costed) as "100% pre-translations".

In an upcoming release we will link MT directly into the word count workflow step. MT counts will then show up as a separate column in the word count and price lists (clients/suppliers) will permit indication of a dedicated discount.

Stay tuned!

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