Faster access to projects, jobs and other information with 'My Searches'

Projects, jobs, clients and more can be filtered and searched in a more efficient manner. Filling in the search form is the way to go but you did not have the possibility to save your recurrent searches.

Let's start with the projects page. It shows all our projects.


You will find two links at the right. The "Search" link opens the search form as you know it. What is new is the "My searches" link which gives you direct access to your saved searches:

Simply select a search from the menu and the system will instantly show the results. A big time saver!

How do you "save" a search? Nothing easier than that: First click the "Search" link to open and fill in the search form:

Secondly, click the "Save search" link and type a name:

That's it!

Thank you for reading us and we are looking forward to your comments!

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