Penalise hits

When we have a fuzzy pretranslation, it is when there was a machine translation or a machine correction without any human post editing or any green flag status.

These hits are showed with a rate colored in orange new_optionPNG.PNG. This option will allow you to put a rate under 100% which can be confusing.

But now, with the new option you can penalise the hits.

If you want to customise all memories per default you need to go to Settings> Translation memory settings>configure>Edit


Then tick the option « Downgrade potentially unreliable hits » and put the percentage you want to see and Save


This how it was before :

Translation has been done by MT (machine translation) and in the translator finder we can see 100% fuzzy pre translated match. This information could be confusing as 100% but not perfect translation.


And after the changes


This is if you want to change it for all memories.

 You can as well customise a specific memory.

For this, you need to go to Project>Resources>Adjust leveraging settings


It will bring you to setting and then need to tick “Downgrade potentially unreliable hits”



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