Comments now displayed on the Translation Report

With over 100 analytical reports to choose from Wordbee's clients have long benefited from being able to draw important statistical information that makes it easier to identify trends on certain aspects of your business and thus providing the opportunity to make better future decisions.

This means that you can rely on Wordbee Translator to produce the goods when it comes to identifying the quality of a translation job.

Clients are presented with a simple and clear way to view the quality of the translation process by generating a Translation Report through the Revision tab on the Translation Editor and we are so excited to add a new component to this report.

After much consideration of our clients needs our development team has implemented a new component to the Translation Report which now allows Comments to be exported.

This will provide stakeholders with essential information about the questions and remarks placed during the workflow process. And more precisely, you will see who placed the comment/question and the person’s role (translator/reviser/proofreader…), for which language pair, and when it was placed.

The availability of the export button will depend on your access rights. It is located on the third panel of the menu bar at the top of the page, and will allow you to export an Excel all relevant information, including comments, revisions and post edits for the current job.


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    Elina Lagoudaki


    The comments is a helpful addition to the report, thank you for that.

    Unfortunately, this report does not present a simple and clear way to view the quality of the translation. Amongst other useful information, it shows corrections that the translator has made on his own translation before delivering it. As a consequence, the number of corrections appears to be high. If we only look at the number of edits or the Human Translation Quality score we are misled to believe that the quality of the translation is poor (because of the translator's own corrections).

    Unless there are plans to remove this type of corrections (we see no use for the translator's own corrections before he delivers a job), the word 'quality' wherever is mentioned on this report is misleading.

    Best regards


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    Ahmed Kamal

    I agree with Elina

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    Hi Elina, Ahmed,

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

    We review all of our reports periodically to ensure that they provide useful information for all of our clients, however, it is only with your feedback that we can make these improvements so I have forwarded this to our development team for their consideration.

    Kind regards,

    Eoghan D,

    Edited by Quoc
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