Read minimum and maximum length limits from Excel columns

The multilingual Excel filter has received another boost! Following on from the update to Wordbee’s Text Length feature, which allows users to set fixed or percentage based minima and maxima, we have now extended this further so that the multilingual Excel filter can now read minimum and maximum text length limits from Excel columns.

While these text length limits can also be viewed in the Translation Editor, the QA tool will flag any translations which are too short or too long based upon the limits specified in the Excel sheet.

For example, an Excel file may contain source text to be translated in Column A and the target text segments in Column B, while Column D and Column E contain the minimum and maximum text length configurations.

If you go to Settings > Document Formats > Microsoft Excel you will find a new “From column” option in the Q&A tab. This is where you can enter the columns which contain the minimum and maximum limits and customize which source columns these limits apply to.

This feature further enhances Wordbee Translator’s ability to assist you with managing Excel files of various kinds. Please note that this feature is not available with monolingual Excels.

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