Release Notes 1/17/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Wednesday, January 17, 2018:

[NEW] CoDyt projects only -> Job openings workflow updates
The customer expects job openings to be inactive while the job is “Inactive”. The opening of the job becomes active once it is changed to “Not started” or
to “In progress” status. This is done by system workflow changes or manually by a project manager.

[NEW] New tool to move job deadlines with a manually changed project deadline
Purpose is to adjust job deadlines whenever a project deadline is modified by a PM in the project details page. For example, if a deadline is moved 1 day later, all job deadlines are moved by 1 day. The same applies when the project deadline is moved earlier.

[NEW] Expandable instruction textbox in new order page
In new order page, you can now expand instructions textbox vertically as much as you can, so that you can clearly view and read instructions.

[NEW] New business report S504: Print all client price lists and services with full details
This new business report "Client services and prices" prints all client price lists with full service details. When clients are assigned to price lists, the client names and details are included in the Excel as well.

[NEW] Projects list: New action to permanently delete the ticked or filtered projects in one go
You can now delete multiple projects with one click. Go to the "Projects" list tick or filter projects and click the "Delete" button. This method allows deleting of up to 100 projects in one step.

[NEW] Setting cost for Codyt project
The system redirects to an error page when setting cost for jobs under Codyt projects assigned to internal personnel.

[NEW] API v2: New methods to retrieve and manage custom field configuration
The new API methods permit to retrieve the list of all custom field settings and to update the available options for combo type fields. See:

[NEW] Business reports 400 and 401 to 420: Project custom fields placeholder added
These business reports permit to export job related information. We have added new placeholders ProjectCF1, ProjectCF2 etc. You can now customize the report to include project level custom fields in these reports. See this page on customizing reports:

[NEW] Orders list: Exporting the list to Excel or other formats fails
The "Print" button in the orders list did not work any more for all formats. This problem has been fixed, and now working normally.

[NEW] Supplier portal: Pricelist amendment workflows now notify events by email
Supplier portal: Pricelist amendment workflows now notify events by email on draft created, submitted for approval, approved or discarded

[IMPROVE] New workflow settings options: Disallow suppliers to accept multiple jobs in same workflow
You will find a new "Job opening" section in the workflow settings of a project. This option is available with Codyt projects.
Let us explain the purpose with an example: Suppose you are marking a document for translation and the workflow has a translation, a revision and a proofreading step. All steps are configured as job openings.
Let us further assume that some suppliers are qualified to do all three steps. However, you want to make sure that a supplier can only accept one job in each workflow (it would be bad if the very same supplier translates and proofreads a document). The newly added options enable you to prevent such scenarios. A supplier may well accept the translation job but will see an error message if he/she attempts to then also accept the revision job (for the same document and languages).
Manual assignments by a project manager are not subject to any restrictions.

[FIX] Export resources to Excel: Bad handling of segment / language level custom fields
The exporting of resources to Excel does not properly print custom fields if you are using both segment and language level custom fields.

[FIX] Standard Projects - Workflow&Suppliers tab
When clicking on workflow and suppliers under project details, Documents tab is selected instead of project details.

[FIX] Company without client portal cannot open ratings setting
When administrator want to open the settings for ratings, it lead to an error if company hasn't the client portal module activated.

[FIX] Beebox Live Preview not enabled message fixed
We fixed an issue that was letting the editor consider Beebox Live Preview as disabled for a project while is was enabled, when the Wordbee platform is newly created and you never changed the Web Preview settings.

[FIX] Document Format Issue
Two same colors (MS Green) are found under 'Do Not Translate' section in Microsoft Word parser configuration.

[FIX] [Instant Translate] The "read translation out loud" function is now only available if your browser supports the language
In the Instant Translate app, the "read translation out loud" functionality was always available, even if the locale wasn't supported. In those cases, it defaulted to the first locale available, resulting in strange speech. This function has therefore been disabled if your browser can't speak the language of the translated text.

[FIX] Global search pagination issue - page 1 & 2 loads the same data
Global search pagination issues - page number two loads the same exact data as page number one does.

[FIX] cannot export order report
Problem when exporting the orders list report preventing the whole export process from being completed.

[FIX] Duplicates key issue when parsing multilingual XML file
Duplicate keys causing errors when marking multilingual XML files for online translation due to parent and child elements.

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    Thomas Abrahamson

    WM 646 - where in the system can we enable/disable this?

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