Release Notes 1/30/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, January 30, 2018:

[NEW] Supplier selection popup: Highlight non-worked days even without clicking Sigma button
Supplier selection popup screen: Highlight non-worked days by showing a symbol even without clicking Sigma button

[NEW] New workflow option: Automatic creation of supplier invoices
When vendors are assigned or pick a job, the system automatically calculates the cost based on job specification, word count and vendor prices. The system will be further able to generate the invoice for the job. This makes it unnecessary for the project manager to create invoices at a later stage

[NEW] Project, jobs and orders pages: New option to filter multiple target languages
For the projects, jobs and orders lists you will find a new "Target languages" (plural) filter option next to the existing "Target language" (singular) filter. With this new filter you can set multiple languages and find all items that have at least one of those target languages. Please note that the selected languages must match exactly: Selecting "English" finds "English" but not "English (United States)".

[NEW] Each user can now configure his/her personal time zone for the display of dates
The timezone selector was available on company level only. This meant that all users in a company saw dates displayed in this time zone. With the present development each user can now set a personal timezone in the "My account" page. This is great for users, belonging to the same company, but who work in different time zones.

[NEW] Auto-assigned project references: New placeholders added
Wordbee permits to generate project references automatically based on a "template" and placeholders (incremental ids, date, etc.). We have added a new placeholder {pjday} for the number of projects on the day of reception and one {pjmonth} for the number of projects in the month of reception for the same client.
Example: {code}-{year2}{month}{day:2}-{pjday} : Where XX is a code marking the number of projects received from the particular client on the given day. For example: If a client by the code ABC submitted two projects today, we would get: ABC-180108-1 and ABC-180108-2.
You configure the reference format in "Settings" > "Reference numbers".

[NEW] Supplier portal: Enable suppliers to amend services and rates.
This new feature adds a price list amendment workflow. 2 new access rights were added: One to allow users (typically external suppliers) to amend prices and then submit a draft to the manager. Another one to allow internal users to review and accept amendments.
With this new feature you can for example involve suppliers with the creation and maintenance of price lists. Instead of receiving price change requests by email, suppliers can now be invited to amend prices by themselves. Since any amendment requires approval by an authorized internal manager, the workflow is fully controlled.

[NEW] Company/person notes: Notify subscribers by email when notes are added or changed
When adding or changing notes from the company or person pages, email notifications are sent to subscribers. Email subscriptions are enabled individually per user from the "My account" page.

[IMPROVE] Automatic completion of orders and archival of projects
New business rules have been added to allow the automatic archival of completed project and the closing of completed order.

[IMPROVE] TMX import issue when a tmx segment's local is empty (auto-closing tag)
When TMX segment's local is empty (auto-closing tag), the segment wasn't correctly imported and contain wrong data. This is now fixed.

[IMPROVE] Document library page: No more conflicts if several tabs open in browser showing documents of different projects
In the past when opening multiple projects in different browser tabs there sometimes was a problem when viewing a project's documents. Manipulating 2 projects at the same time could result in error messages. This problem has been removed.

[FIX] QA terminology check sometimes raise false errors
Sometime the terminology check raise an error, even if target segment match perfectly with phrase in the terminology.

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    Thomas Abrahamson


    I'm not sure I fully understand this one - does this give suppliers the ability to amend the prices in their profile? Or is it a per job basis? This is something the project manager has to give them access to do?

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    Stephan Böhmig


    Yes, you need to assign the new access right to a supplier so that he/she gets access to their prices and the possibility to amend. So it is in their user profile (search for "amend" in the user profile page).

    No, it is not job based.

    The idea for this feature is to simplify a managers work in terms of supplier pricing. Instead of having to receive and enter prices on manager side, the manager would simply ask suppliers to connect online and fill in their prices themselves.

    These prices are not active though until the supplier submits the changes for approval and the manager accepts those changes. There is no risk that any supplier can change prices or services without prior approval by the manager.







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