Release Notes 2/1/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, February 1, 2018:

[NEW] New project workflow option: Automatically set job deadlines to project deadline, rather than calculating from capacity and word count
Job deadlines can now optionally be preset to the project deadline.
Today, when marking a file for translation, the system creates jobs based on the project workflow profile and calculates job deadlines from capacity information and word counts.
We added a new "deadline calculation" option which you can enable in the workflow profile: Deadlines are automatically set to the project deadline or a time before the project deadline (such as 1 day before project deadline).

[NEW] Double encoding of & in html parser without CDATA in XML configuration
In a XML configuration, when selecting "HTML encoded" , & is converted into &amp but should not.

[NEW] API 2: New methods to fetch and update notes attached to companies
In the web interface, free text notes can be attached to a company from the company details page. We added API calls to get, add, update and delete these notes by API. All methods are documented here:

[NEW] New custom field type "Checkbox"
Custom fields can be added for projects, jobs, invoices and so on from the "Settings" > "Custom fields" page. You can now create a new field type, namely checkboxes. These can either be ticked or unticked. This adds to the existing types text fields, pick lists, URLs and images.

[FIX] PriceList Import - system automatically converts unit count "0" values to "1"
When the user imports price list containing "0" value of unit count, the system will automatically convert unit count "0" values to "1" values as 1 is the minimum value of the unit count

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