Release Notes 2/8/2018 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, February 8, 2018:

[NEW] CSV multilingual file filter: New option to exclude source language columns in the translated file
With multilingual CSV files, the translated file contains separate columns per each target language as well as the column with the original language texts. With the new options available under "Settings" > "CSV" > your filter, you can decide to exclude the source language columns (text and/or comments) in the translated file. The file then contains the translated content only.

[NEW] Clients section -> Customize columns list modification
Terminology modification has been performed in the "Clients" section. More precisely, on the customize "Columns" list popup. The "Supplier" wording has been changed to "client"

[IMPROVE] New order form created from project view now display the project header.
When creating an order from the project view, the order form now still display the project header, and the cancel button lead to the project details view.

[IMPROVE] [NewEditor] Redesigned QA check window
We have redesigned the QA check window in the new editor based on your feedback. It is now more practical to use while validating your translations, featuring a draggable window, more intuitive actions, and faster response times while operating within the window.

[FIX] Fixed: When viewing the originally used configuration of a json file an error was shown
At any point in time it is possible to view the file filter configuration that was used when marking a document for translation. For example, in Codyt you will the link at the bottom of the "Management window" for a document or job. The link shows all configurations just fine but failed with JSON. This is now corrected.

[FIX] Improve the export of resources (excel and csv format)
Improve the export of resources including custom fields in excel or csv format to avoid error in the export.

[FIX] Business Report improvement: "Supplier services and prices" (S503)
The Business Report feature has been improved to handle more than 2100 price lists in the "Supplier services and prices" (S503) report creation.

[FIX] Jobs -> Codyt job status popups -> Special characters improvement
Invalid characters have been detected and fixed in the Codyt jobs page popups. The error occurred in the Codyt status popup by clicking on the "Manage" link.

[FIX] Project details -> Workflow & Suppliers modification
An error was displayed when navigating to the "All supplier" supplier group in the supplier selector popup. "All suppliers" is a "virtual" group and simply covers all the suppliers qualified for a task and language. Since it is not a real dynamic or static group it cannot be configured. We have thus simply removed the icon to navigate to the group definition.

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